Snowden and Neuromancer. Let's blanket-encrypt all the data.

There is no excuse now - all data needs to be blanket-encrypted. Internet architects didn't design TCP/IP for the abuse displayed by the NSA recently. Instead of schema designers looking at a data-centre and seeing a Crystal Ball (or in modern parlance, a Deep Packet Inspection device) - they saw numerous other, better reasons, for that data-centre to be used. One of them was for using TCP/IP for a greater good. The proposals for new protocols to be implemented for a modern encrypted Internet are now realized. The Beauty of The Baud is alive and well.

Beauty is not without its beast however, and the beast was an afterthought for the greedy ones to dream up behind closed doors, at even our most esteemed Internet bolt-holes. Google would be an obvious candidate for abuse of The Protocol, but luckily Google were so clever that it wasn't a mere beast they invented, but an Ouroboros. i.e Google owns some Internet backbone, and has Vint Cerf as their evangelist, so they're alright in my books. I'll give them only a smithereen of kudos for caring like that, but that's all.

Even if new tech and new societies are reminiscent of the 60s, and is just history repeating itself at scale, and with iPhone in hand, we still need to be worried. What we're experiencing now is the techno-utopia-dystopia we all speculated about. We might not have LCD wallpaper yet, but when a 16 year old kid can setup a fairly decent home-media system powered by a $25.00 Raspberry-pi, I call that pretty close to a techno-dystopia-utopia quandary. Utopian, because of things like Bitcoin, new TLDs, neural networks, folksonomies, culture, peer-review, etc Dystopian, because of Snowden's revelations, Orwellian-like oversight, Panopticon-like dragnet surveillance, etc

Bitcoin is especially interesting because we finally have a currency with version control. What would be better than currency refined down to its purest function, and then improved upon? Dark Wallet, for example, makes Bitcoin fully anonymous, meaning plausible deniability for every transaction. In Dark Wallet's case, it's only the supernauts and be-dreadlocked cypher-stewards of information who early adopt it for us. They know it's not 'if' we use it, but 'when' we use it.

What I'm saying, of course, sounds flight of fancy, and tantamount to the mental masturbation of William Gibson, but the crucial thing is all this exists. Gibson's Neuromancer is alive today. We have all this crazy disruptive tech that's dissolving boundaries, enhancing neural networks, building webs of trust, and, all the while, forming unseen, all knowing despots too. Because of the Orwell inside tech, we have The Engineers who run foul in our most sacred institutions. I'm always reminded of that Tom Waits song, "What's He Building in There?"