Don't let Windows hold back your creativity.

There is a small sub-culture of highly proficient web developers who exclusively use Windows all the time for their work. Because web development has aspects of design, the Mac had first preference for a lot of people choosing freelancing as a profession. Also, since the current consensus is that Macs are 'secure', buying a Mac would be fitting for anyone just starting out in design/coding. I have no qualms with people using a Mac. This post just explains why you can be just as creative on a Windows machine.

Alongside the security benefits of using a Mac, there is also the ease of use. For years I was baffled as to why so many people chose Macs to do their computing. I probed the whole net looking for reasons, and it's now abundantly clear: People are lazy. People are not generically lazy, but they certainly like to lean towards laziness if they're allowed to, or are given permission to. Some are aware at a very basic level that Windows is broken; that Windows has inherent security issues. This awareness is bolstered by a hate campaign against Internet Explorer, and a slew of other Microsoft setbacks.

I had the choice of buying a Mac years ago, but never did, because I knew there was more to computing than the fabled bubblewrapped environment of Macs. I have nothing against ease of use, and a secure environment for creative work, but if you know me - I can't settle for anything too comfortable in life. I was born a skeptic into this world, and I will remain that way. So I ran with Windows. I wanted to address the issues Windows was having with security.

Rather than expose all the hacks and tools I learned over the years which enabled me to bend Windows to my will - I will simply say this: My operating system is secure.

In the Windows 98 days, when everyone else was buying graphics tablets and registering their first email account - I was out buying my first smart card, and hardening my network.

I learned early on that everything is broken.

What goes overlooked is how easy it is to harden Windows PCs both on a hardware and software level. There are SIGINT enabled binary blobs in Windows software, and in the firmware of ALL laptops, including Macs. But if you have 2FA enabled in everything - you're pretty damn secure. There is no perfect security, I know that. But if a hacker wants the keys to my kingdom - he/she/they are gonna have to threaten serious violence to get them. But most hackers are not thugs, and we also have a thing called The Rule of Law. I'm also not a journalist holding onto leaks. I'm a web developer and a 'creative' type; so it's expected that Windows shouldn't be holding me back.

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