Dribbble Invite Giveaway

Note: This giveaway is currently: Finished.


Disclaimer: I know how hard Dribbble invites are to find. If you fail to get an invite here, keep on looking. You need to keep trying.


I will be screening the first 10-15 creatives/designers who ask for an invite, and making my decision based on those first 10-15. I might increase this to 15-30. It depends on what the demand is like.

The criteria for an invite is as follows: If your stuff looks nice - you're in. Obviously, I won't like pictures of your cat, or the crayon drawing you did as a child to be good criteria for an invite. Try to be authentic as possible. Need tips on how not to be authentic? Look no further than: Your Logo Is Not Hardcore

Good luck! I hope you get your invite really soon.