Paid apps I bought recently

Despite a passion for Freeware, I still like to buy the odd software license and support the author(s). This year, three pieces of software caught my attention, and I bought a license for each one. I saw no other proper alternatives to them. For those of you who don't know me - I am an avid collector of software designed to make my digital workflow smoother. I never buy software just for the sake of it. These three licenses below were no more than $6.00 each.

Mongoose Server

I was looking for a straight forward HTML static page server. I am well aware of such extravagances as NodeJS, and I know of plenty of ways to setup static servers using the command line. Except I hate the command line and it's not the only solution for everything. Enter Mongoose.

I only step into a command line if I have to, and my XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP installations are dedicated to specific functions like local Wordpress installs only. The best thing about Mongoose is, you can drop the executable into any directory, and it instantly becomes a server! This is invaluable, and saves possibly hours wrangling config files, and bending Apache/lighttpd/Node/NGINX to your will. It also means the HTML files can sit outside of other servers, and exist independently.


ICEcoder is awesome. This code editor is open source, but requires a small donation to activate the software. A donation I am happy to pay. I am a big fan of making websites using just the web browser and nothing else. I know many developers who work this way, and can get coding on a new project from anywhere in the world.

Whilst things like Brackets and Sublime Text are wonderful, they are not without their bloaty features. Not every machine has the luxury of allowing new third party software to be installed on them. I work on many different machines, and ICEcoder means I can pick up where I left off. It's also straight forward and doesn't attempt to achieve all the things.


I am writing this post in Hemingway right now. It's a handy tool which cleans up your writing and recommends better ways to say things.

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. 

- Hemingway's Tagline

What I especially like about this app is it's never wrong. I can guarantee that my first drafts will contain horrible errors in the syntax and grammar. It reminds me to be humble and never say "I'm a great writer" to anyone.


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