New ICANN Name collision for .youtube TLD?

I was surfing Hacker News, when I came across a strange post, entitled www.YouTube. At first I thought it was some HN newbie user testing out the posting mechanism. It turns out, this domain resolves. A quick DNS lookup revealed this:

With a little further investigation, I found that the IP the domain points to is reserved for "domain collisions" as per this ICANN page:

The IP in question is

Also, the MX record looks rather whimsical and advises the registrant to investigate the DNS record: 10 3599

I googled this weird gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain), and it seems Google Inc were very interested in claiming it. For obvious reasons, Google would want to snap the .youtube gTLD up very quickly. Why?

The domain itself www looks nothing suspect, but when combined with the .youtube gTLD, it looks like a legitimate Google resource. The registrant could point this domain at any IP, and trick users into handing over their Google account details unwittingly.

I am unsure of the deeper story behind this domain, as I've yet to see any contact details in the whois. Domain Tools, gives me back this with very little information:

Also noteworthy:

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