Stop overanalyzing and become the best version of oneself

I always had a very analytical mind, and several people have told me this over and over to the point I had to address it. There is nothing particularly wrong with analysing things, and without analysis, a great many things would go undiscovered and un-adressed. This private religion of intelligence as McKenna calls it is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand an analytical mind can assess situations, people, events, and see the cracks between the tiles. It pays attention to details, nuances, and idiosyncrasies. An analytical mind predicts things in advance, makes correlations where none should be made, and assembles disparate information together to form others hidden agendas and reveal our own subconscious agendas too. Analysis is forever in the business of finding meaning where others find noise. This is often a great assistance to us, as it allows us to make sound judgements about careers, where we would like to live, what food we should eat, etc.

Blessed and cursed

The curse of the analytical mind is that it can be too analytical. We often hear the phrase stop over-analyzing or you're thinking too hard about this. This is sound advice if we are over thinking because it calms the mind and reminds us to meditate and take a breather. The mind is forever running, like a computer that can not be switched off. Even in sleep, it is de-fragmenting itself, trying to make sense of the day and making plans for the next. The brain has a field awareness which means it is aware of the body and its environment at all times, and of other beings in close proximity of that environment. The reptilian brain is constantly assessing the environment for threats, scanning its surroundings for food, and assessing situations.

The resistance

It is that very basic part of the brain that causes the most problems, because it is concerned with primal fears and instincts. Thankfully those instincts have been met for the most part and a reptilian brain needn't annoy us that much except for the part where it can and does. Having a reptilian brain is an inevitable part of being human as you can not forgo millions of years of evolution. Seth Godin talks about the brain's "resistance" to new situations and getting out of our comfort zone, because overcoming that fear is paramount for success in the field of business and entrepreneurship. If only we could take that quantum leap each day to forgo our comfort zone we would have an entire generation of Richard Bransons closing deals, raising capital, and taking risks, but we don't. People are very happy to settle for a pampered existence and coast along for decades without anything truly significant in terms of business or success happening in their lives. My definition of success being that those primal fears were finally overcome and the best version of oneself was actualized.

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