Open All Secure (HTTPS) Hackernews Links In One Fell Swoop

Rather than open specific links on Hackernews which seem interesting, it is preferable to open a bunch of them randomly without any bias attached to them. Also see: Filter Bubbles, and Confirmation Bias.

The following code is a bookmarklet and you install it in the usual way. You might have to increase the maximum amount of popups that are allowed to open in your browser. In firefox you can increase the following value in about:config


Increase to something reasonable, like 60.

Make sure to run the bookmarklet on

Screen Capture

When clicked, it opens all HTTPS URLs that have been posted to Hackernews in new tabs. It avoids opening any links, and other metadata related to like their API page.

Why HTTPS only?

This was a small measure I took to protect the integrity of a browsing session. You don't have to use it, and can remove this part in the code if you want:

&& list[a].href.toString().match('https')


If you are opening a bunch of links like this, it would be preferable to turn off images, and have some sort of AD blocker running. This ensures the links open a lot faster and are not downloading a tonne of resources.

Show me the code!


var list = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
for (a = 0; a < list.length; a++) {
    if (!list[a].href.toString().match(/ycomb|mailto/ig) && list[a].href.toString().match('https') && !list[a].href.toString().match('News/API')) {[a].href);



Can Haz Bookmarklet Version?

!function(){var list = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (a = 0; a < list.length; a++) {if (!list[a].href.toString().match(/ycomb|mailto/ig) && list[a].href.toString().match('https') && !list[a].href.toString().match('News/API')){[a].href);}};}();void(0);

To install, create a dummy bookmark (this page for example), and replace the URL value with the bookmarklet code. Feel free to give it any title you want.