Who is Príomh Ó hÚigínn?

I'm a freelance frontend developer with an emphasis on clean design, unobtrusive JavaScript, and a strong dose of ASCII art placed into the source-code for fun.

Príomh Ó hÚigínn is Irish for Tech Consultant based in Ireland. Príomh is my alias, although you can call me David Higgins if you like. Please do not confuse me with this guy

My mantra is:

To make myself & others happy with computer code 

Ever since I was gifted a Commodore 64 as a child, I was in love with computers. I always see the potential of computers to change every aspect of our lives.

Below is a little piece about social media, and why I'm on so many social networks. Do not let this page deceive you. I have notifications turned off for all these social networks, and if you want to get hold of me - you really should give me a call. I'm oldskool like that.

This page is an authoritative dump of everything I do online. I like to spread myself thinly across the web, and rarely invest in one social network. There is a substantial amount of information here, and I don't expect anybody to consume it all right now.

I use the POSSE method to syndicate my content.

I use each social network in the right context, i.e: Twitter for conversation, LinkedIN for networking, Github for coding, etc. I'm more of a broadcaster than a conversationalist, but I try to strike a balance. I primarily use social media for the following:

  • Networking. Talk to like-minded people about tech, startups, coding, etc
  • Sharing links to good content. Amplify the voice of others, and share my own stuff too.
  • Keeping up to date. Tech moves very fast, and I know the importance of keeping up.
  • Having fun. There is no reason to be bored on social media. No reason at all.
  • Helping out. I'm a tech consultant, so I dogfood this on social media and help out where I can. My Twitter is a help desk.

Core Networks

Smaller Networks


Distribution / Syndication

Side projects

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I hope to one day aggregate the data from all these networks into one place, but lifestreaming is very hard to get right. Infact there is a standard such as activity streams which tries to make this easier. activitystrea.ms. Sadly, the networks I'm on use proprietary technology (e.g Twitter) - so making services talk to one unified service is difficult. Your best bet is to check each social network individually to see what I'm up to.

For professional enquiries, consult higg.tel