Social Networks

Social Media is very important to me. It caters to every emotion of mine, and it's a veritable one-size fits all for getting things done. In the past we had to reverse engineer Google's search algorithm to get noticed. With social media, everyone can have a voice and have their voice amplified if they decide to do that. I use the POSSE method to syndicate my content.

I also like to use each social network in the right context. I try to balance sharing, distribution, syndication, and conversation. I also use social media for the following:

  • Networking. Talk to like-minded people about tech, startups, coding, etc
  • Sharing links to good content. Amplify the voice of others, and share my own stuff too.
  • Keeping up to date. Tech moves very fast, and I know the importance of keeping up.
  • Having fun. There is no reason to be bored on social media. No reason at all.
  • Helping out. I'm a tech consultant, so I dogfood this on social media and help out where I can. My Twitter is a helpdesk.

Core Networks



Distribution / Syndication

Side projects

RSS Feeds



I hope to one day aggregate the data from all these networks into one place, but lifestreaming is very hard to get right. Infact there is a standard such as activity streams which tries to make this easier. Sadly, the networks I'm on use proprietary technology (e.g Twitter) - so making services talk to one unified service is difficult. Your best bet is to check each social network individually to see what I'm up to.