Who am I, and what is this blog about? My aim is to get better at blogging here, and hopefully refer people to this blog if they want to suss me out really quickly.

Biographies are a vaguery, but I'll try ? I'm into all things tech, especially The Web and all the forms it takes.

I am partial to tech-startups, coding, design, web development, social media, devops, SEO, lifestyle hacking, bio hacking, and tinkering.

Príomh Ó hÚigínn is an iteration of my real name David Higgins. Príomh means main, or principal, and Ó hÚigínn is Gaelic for Higgins. Since I do more Internet than this guy ? it is sufficient for people to Google my alias and actually find me.

My mantra is:

To make myself & others happy with computer code 

Ever since I was gifted a Commodore 64 as a child, I was in love with computers. I always loved how unforgiving a computer was. If it broke, it was entirely my fault ? and oh how I love making a computer better!

I'm more of a broadcaster than a talker. I use social media for the following:

  • Networking. Talk to like-minded people about tech, startups, coding, etc
  • Sharing links to good content. Amplify the voice of others, and share my own stuff too.
  • Keeping up to date. Tech moves very fast, and I know the importance of keeping up.
  • Having fun. There is no reason to be bored on social media. No reason at all.
  • Helping out. I'm a tech consultant, so I dogfood this on social media and help out where I can. My Twitter is a help desk.

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For professional enquiries: see higg.tel